STOPS Grant Program

In 2005 STOPS established the Grant Program - through which teachers can receive grants for academic enrichment programs or projects that enhance learning, nurture creativity, and have a broad impact. Grant applications are accepted and grant money is distributed to recipients each school year.

Money for STOPS Grants comes from money earned at the STOPS Annual Holiday Boutique, held the first weekend in November of each year, and donations from the Santa Teresa community. 

**If you would like to donate to the STOPS Grant Program please use the donate button on the home page.

STOPS is happy to announce the Grant Recipients for 2015-2016:

Dr. Lemco
English/Film Club
Films for Film Club
Mr. Trotto
American Sign Lang.HP Sprout$700.00
Ms. Kelley
Visual Arts/Photo 
Camera Improvements
Ms. Ng
Ms. DilustroScience
Lab Supplies
Mrs. Taylor
Miss Villela
Visual Arts/PhotoWacom Tablets
Ms. Kogura
Special EdPrinter Cartridge
Ms. Cefalu
EnglishSSR Books
Ms. Bounds
Music / Band Music Books
 Warden/Taylor      Science                                      Distilled Water Tank                                               $511.00    
Roman/Young        SS/English                                 Class Set / Books                                                   $560.00
Gunter/Ghezze      Counciling                                 Student Care Supplies                                            $250.00
Ms. Pham               Special Ed                                  Reading Program                                                   $750.00

STOPS recognizes your efforts to provide a positive learning environment and appreciates your support and dedication to our students.

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